Outlaw Soaps Fire In The Hole Campfire Bar Soap

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4 oz
Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance Oil, Coloring

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Product Overview

  • Is this soap for you? Well... do you drink whiskey and like throwing fireworks into campfires? ... I mean, not all the time. Not in the living room, at least. Or, not in the living room on weeknights, at least.
  • Are your God-given favorite smells gunpowder, campfire, whiskey, bacon, sage, and dirt? Are you filled with insanity, excitement, and overwhelming joy?
  • Formulated with an all-vegan combination of oils that is both delightfully sudsy in the shower and leaves your skin silky smooth and, if you wish, sooooo kissable (though we’re not getting all up in your boundaries). Outlaw Soaps makes them with love and laughter in order to bring the best of themselves to you.
  • Reminds you how much you like to go camping, which will likely increase the number of times you go camping
  • You need a soap that looks and smells like fire. You need a soap that is, in my estimation, the most awesomest soap ever in the history of ever.


You know what that sound is? It's the sound of your FAMOUSLY AMAZING DAY STARTING.
- and/or -
It's the first thing that you're going to yell when you get out of your shower, because if you're going to smell like A FRICKEN EXPLOSION, you might as well sound like one!

Fire in the Hole officially smells like campfire, gunpowder, and whiskey (in other words, like a really great camping trip).

It unofficially smells like insanity, excitement, and overwhelming joy. It looks like fire. It is, in my estimation, the most effing awesomest soap ever in the history of ever.


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